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Propane is an efficient, cost-effective and fairly cleaner fuel suitable for powering homes, cabins, mining camps, farms, and similar buildings. Canadian Propane is proud to be your local provider for propane products and services in Prince George and Northern BC. Our company is well-equipped to accommodate both residential and commercial clients' needs. We offer a range of top-quality products from Unique Appliances. Whether you want to install a generator or a hot water tank, we'll ensure the installation is safe and up to industry standards. We also provide aboveground tanks ranging from 120 to 1,990 WG capacity for fuel storage.

If you're looking for a new propane supplier, Canadian Propane is a dependable option. If you have any questions, get in touch with us right away.

A large propane tank on the side of a house


We monitor propane products and services through sensors at Canadian Propane to ensure that you never run out of propane. We are easily accessible on the phone, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you require our assistance. When we leave, our team will ensure that your property is up to standards in terms of propane usability.


At times, you depend on your hot water tank every time you do laundry, take a shower, wash the dishes, or even just wash your hands. It's one of the most important items in your house, but many people take it for granted. You probably use a propane hot water tank if you live in a rural area and use propane to heat your home. They offer great efficiency, instantaneous hot water delivery, and reduced maintenance expenses. Canadian Propane is happy to be your propane provider, whether you utilize a tank or a tankless propane water heater. Some of the benefits of using propane hot water tank are:

  • Long hot water showers

  • Instant hot water

  • Inexpensive and efficient than electricity and heating oil

  • Environmentally friendly.

Contact us to discuss your options if you want to switch to propane immediately.

modern home gas fired boiler
Blue flames of gas burning from a kitchen gas stove


Utilize our wide selection of propane appliances to maximize the efficiency of your home and business.

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